Head West

Head West

5 out of the top 15 housing markets in the U.S. are found in Montana.

I had to double check to make sure this list wasn’t published on April Fools Day – Fargo, ND made #2…?

  1. Billings, MT
  2. Fargo, ND
  3. Lander, WY
  4. Trenton, NJ
  5. Morgantown, WV

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Union Pacific Dining Lodge

With a lot of interest and phone calls coming in this month from our feature RMR website photo, I though it prudent to run the UPDL project as this months feature project.

In 2007, RMR was awarded the bid and opportunity to do a full structural remodel on the UPDL building.  Consisting of log & timber, structural steel, masonry, electrical, HVAC, roofing, and finishes upgrades, the challenge was performing all scope to be hidden to the eye.  Each and every upgrade was completed with the end goal of keeping the historic structure unchanged by view and design.  The project was a striking success.

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Vanilla home loans?

Are government regulated “vanilla” home loan packages the new standard?  Builder Online explains.

WASHINGTON – If President Barack Obama gets his way, consumers who take out mortgages would automatically get a “plain vanilla” loan – such as a traditional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage – unless they opted for a riskier variety.

Obama’s plan to revamp financial regulation aims to protect borrowers from the confusing and high-risk mortgages that fed a pandemic of delinquencies and foreclosures, led to the worst financial crisis in decades and thrust the nation into a deep recession.

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What home buyers want

As the dust settles from the housing bust, what are buyers now looking for?

The homes that sold like gangbusters during the good times – to the tune of nearly 1.4 million in 2005 alone – are not what the buyers of tomorrow say they are looking for.

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Just large enough

This Moonlight Basin cabin is 800 sf, has 2 full bathrooms, full kitchen, and sleeps 6 comfortably.  We recently remodeled this little unit and turned what was a very ordinary cabin into a little gem.  Take a look at the gallery of photos for an inside look.

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