1.    Feasibility Study / Due Diligence / Permitting

–       “Is there someone (with experience in construction) who can create the pro-forma for my project and see it through to completion?”

–       “What is the best infrastructure system for my building site site?”


2.    Cost Estimating and Monitoring

–       “I want the best value, not necessarily the lowest bid – who can give me the options?”

–       “What is the real cost of construction?”

–       “Who will qualify and evaluate all bids?”


3.    Buyout and procurement

–       “Is there someone who can buy materials for me at cost?”

–       “Who will qualify (quality and price) the subcontractors that will be working on my home?”


4.    Value Engineering

–       “Can I substitute materials or methods to save money or get a better value?”

–       “Should I decide to sell the property upon completion, am I building above or below the current market value?”


5.    Contract Management

–       “Who will coordinate the architect, design review, permitting, general contractor, engineering, landscaping, interior design & property management?”

–       “I don’t want to be bogged down with the day to day construction questions – who will be onsite daily acting as my representative and answering questions?”

–       “Who will resolve disputes so the project doesn’t get stalled?”

–       “Who will validate and monitor change orders?”


6.    Office Management

–       “Who will review invoices, make payments and secure all lien releases?”

–       “I want forensic detailed accounting throughout my project – who can provide me with this detail?”

–       “Who is monitoring my construction costs?”

–       “Who is tracking legal and claim avoidance policies and procedures?”


7.    Document Management

–       “I would like someone to organize and track all project documents and provide me will electronic documentation at the completion of the project.”

–       “I would like to see daily logs from the project.”

–       “I would like to see a live video feed of the project.”


8.    Scheduling

–       “Who will build and monitor a complete project schedule?”

–       “Who can make resource allocation recommendations when the project falls behind schedule?”


9.    Construction monitoring and inspections

–       “With no local building inspector, who will handle inspections?”

–       “Am I getting what I am paying for –does the construction match the plans?”

–       “Who will be monitoring the quality of construction?”


10.  Post Construction Services

–       “Who is the third party who can certify Substantial Completion?”

–       “Who will create and monitor the punch list?”

–       “Who should I choose to maintain the property in my absence?”