When a project is in trouble, usually an outside party is brought in because the problems on the project are bigger than the current project manager realizes or can handle.  By definition, troubled projects have major problems. These problems sometimes include:

  • Financial concerns and non payment of sub trades
  • Over billing by the General or Prime Contractor
  • Difficulties in meeting milestones and/or completion deadlines
  • Failure in delivering anticipated benefits
  • Failure or unwillingness to allocate resources to the project
  • The project is consistently and/or significantly behind schedule
  • Significant and/or critical technical issues with the project

When called in to address a troubled project, RMR Group will review the work in progress, analyze past performance, review contract documents and solicit input from the client.  After a thorough analysis of the problems encountered, RMR can make recommendations with a detailed plan to get the project back on track.  If the project can be recovered, RMR generates critical path management (CPM) schedules; detailed, short interval work plans, equipment utilization planning, cash flow and budget projections, subcontractor requirements, and the financial remedies needed to support the project.  In short, we set up a full Project Management package similar to our Construction Manager as Agent delivery program.

Our highly skilled team works with clients to mitigate and resolve claims while supporting project progress. Unfortunately, not all projects are recoverable without addressing disputed issues. When projects cannot be turned around, or disputes not settled – RMR assists its clients with documentation and strategic planning for dispute resolution.