RMR’s Construction Manager at Risk delivery program is similar to our Agency based program with the added benefit of having the CM completely manage the entire project on-site.  At RMR we promote a non-adversarial management approach, combined with a strong advocacy for the owner’s interests.

This process allows a client to select a construction manager based on qualification; make the CM a member of a collaborative project team; centralize responsibility for construction under a single contract; obtain a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposal; produce a more manageable, predictable project; save time and money; and reduce risk for the client, the architect and the CM.

Unlike the many general contractors acting as construction managers in the industry, RMR believes it is bad practice for a CM to furnish construction labor or do any portion of the construction work while acting as an owner’s representative.  This leads to a perceived and real conflict of interest that undoubtedly does not serve the owners best interest. Following the Project Management Professional (PMP) standards, construction managers should solely be owners representatives as construction managers – not acting as CM’s with the inside tract to general contracting for profit.

When paired with a Negotiated Contract GMP program, the Owner is afforded all of the benefits as they would if the CM was a direct employee looking out for every detail and dollar on the project: full management, value engineering, competitive bidding and no risk to the Owner.  The CM is not only a collaborative member of the team, but a true employee of the owner acting in their best interest.

Similar to our Agent Program, we handle the following and more:

  • Permitting
  • At cost estimating & bid evaluation
  • Buyout and procurement
  • Value engineering
  • Contract management
  • Office management
  • Scheduling
  • Construction monitoring & inspections
  • Post construction services
  • Real estate investment and financing consultation